Update by user May 14

Grizzly has agreed to a refund.

Original review posted by user May 13

I have received 2 defective G0855 jointers from Grizzly. Grizzly replaced the first one but refuses to stand by the second one which has the exact same problem as the first.

I bought the first G0855 in Feb/Mar 2019. After many problems getting it "dialed in", and with poor performance, I discovered the outfeed table was warped .005" in 2 different dimensions. The published specs for the machine are for a maximum .003" misalignment tolerance between the tables. Warpage causes misalingment that cannot be corrected. Grizzly replaced the defective machine in May 2019.

The second machine has the exact same problem but on the infeed table. All I want is a refund and we go our separate ways. But now Craig in Tech Support tells me the published specs are wrong, that .007" is the allowed tolerance, that the first machine should not have been replaced, and - quite rudely - that I have to pay shipping plus 10% restocking fee if I return the machine - about a $350 to $500 hit.

I tried to escalate to executive levels through Customer Service, bypassing Tech Support. However, Craig intervened with the Customer Service Rep. So now, no one above Craig's level is "available" but "someone will call me back."

Grizzly's tools and Tech Support have mixed reputations, 5 stars or 1 star depending on the specifics. The truth appears to be that their equipment is good if you get a good example and that Tech Support is very helpful unless the situation is serious. In that case, all the customer will get is stonewalling and lost money.

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