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We recently bought nearly $7,000 worth of tools from Grizzly.com for our wood shop in Los Angeles. When we purchased the tools they took the money out of our bank account twice which left us $7,000 in the hole until it was returned 4 days later.

Than when the tools arrived, one of the machines, a 15" Planer worked for 15 minutes than stopped.

I called Grizzly and waited 2 days for a Supervisor to call me back, which never happened. I had to call a machine tech to come look at the machine and diagnose the problem which turned out to be a bad motor. That service cost me $250 out of pocket which Grizzly "does not cover" although every other competitor does especially on a brand new machine .

I called Grizzly back again and after 30 minutes of nearly yelling at the service agent who told me there were none available, finally I was given a Supervisor who told me that they could send me out a new motor, but the cost to install it, another $300 plus would be my responsibility. Than 20 minutes later he called me back and told me they did not have any more of those motors to send and that I would have to send the machine back to Washington State and be refunded, and although they would cover the return shipping, I was responsible for packing the machine as it was shipped and after they looked at it they would decide on a refund.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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something fishy here .. It wouldn't cost 300 dollars to mount a new motor on a 15 inch planner..

My 15 year old nephew could do the job in an couple hours...

Grizzly tools have served me well for over 30 years...I have lots... And will not hesitate to buy from them...

Jensen Beach, Florida, United States #1207891

I don't know why you have had a problem ,I have had very helpful service with grizzly ,I am always nice and try not to get angry stuff happens ,you just need to work through it nicely ,tech support is very good also they walked me through a repair.i also believe you should become very familiar with your machines function, when properly operating a machine you should know everything about it if nothing else it for safety, Matin ace should be the operators job .

Jensen Beach, Florida, United States #1207887

I have had no problems with the grizzly tools ,they preform very well,you get a nice machine for your money.comparing to other brands I have jet ,powermatic grizzly .happy with all of them I hope you work it out the machine is very smooth once you get them tuned up .


The same thing happened to me doubled charged for over a week and although deferent item and problem I too had to send it back and all the hassle that took. They really haven't solved the issue to date!


You are buying shop equipment not a car you ***. They have no trade in value by date of manufacture.

to Anonymous #1089554

I have bought a table saw, planer, sander drill press from Grizzly without any problems. I realize that things like this happen.

You should have NEVER spent out of pocket money without authorization. Another question is. did you have it hooked to the right voltage? I understand your anger about them not getting back to you.

I was a screamer also and it never got me anywhere so I stopped it.

Overall Grizzly tools are a great product and thousands of cabinet and woodworking companies have them. I like the fact that you can get parts very easily.

Cookeville, Tennessee, United States #1070759

Well if you are not smart enough to figure out a "bad motor" to call a repairmen then you'er probably not smart enough to use it either.


I just purchased and received a 3HP dual canister dust collector... in Polar Bear White.

Nice looking machine.... Only problem... the machine was manufactured in January... 2012!!!

What the heck!!! It's 10/21/2015!!!

Needless to say I called customer service and blew them out big time and am now waiting for the super to call me... It's been 24+ hours... Will update once I have spoken with them.

Dang! Pay for a new machine and get one almost 4 years old!!!

to Anonymous Henderson, Nevada, United States #1058119

Oh, can't believe it's from Grizzly, our dust collectors are made by customers, how can this problem happed!!! Amazing

to Anonymous #1145875

LOL, you think companies make stuff the very same year and then sell them right away?

They make a large order of stuff then store them for years until they decide to change the design or they need more, only way you can get them at that price. Dust collector is not a top selling product, they will never be made the same year you buy it.

New Cars are kind of the same way, all the parts might have been sitting for years before being assembled.

to Anonymous #1379873

Was the machine used??? It's not a car, they don't change from year to year.

I once bought a planer from a different company, and it's date of manufacture was about 5 years earlier.

So what,????? It works.


I have a Grizzly 20" spiral planner, a 3 hp shaper and both have worked very well. I make my living in the shop and so far everything has went well, even the customer service.

I just ordered the Extreme Dovetail Machine.

I am looking forward to using it.


You are paying $300 to install a motor on a planer????? And $250 to have a look and say - "Yep, bad motor." Wow, I need to provide service to your shop!

Corning, New York, United States #967873

I have been dealing with grizzley tools for about 15 years now and I have not had any problems either in service or machine performance. I am very pleased with the grizzley team and the quality of their merchandise. A happy wood worker from n.y.

to happy woodworkerz #1008710

which outlet are you using, that could make all the difference? I am about to purchase and will need to know for future reference. THank You


Learn the difference between "then" and "than".

to See***Run #1066447

that's what someone needs a grammar correction ..who is this

" see *** run " part of the name seems to fit ...

to See***Run #1390191

If we're going to pick nits, See's sentence lacks a subject;)

Tennessee, United States #859551

I have a few of Grizzly tools in my shop and I have had them for a few years and only one problem with a switch but other than that not one problem. They were prompt at sending a replacement and no questions asked. I am very happy with my Grizzly power tools.


Look at all the deuce bags mad at their equipment cause they realized they still can't make wood fit together

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