Greensboro, North Carolina
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I bought this saw and im sure all the saws they sell has this issue,,if the saw is unplugged and you go to plug it up it will come on,,,in other words if the power is intruped ,,,the saw will come back on when power comes on,,,and I called grizzly hoping to get a replacement switch,,which is a magnetic switch,,the person that I spoke with in tec support told me the switch was a shop fox d2751,,and I offered to pay for it and he said no,,he would send it to me free of charge,,,i waited for about 2 weeks for the part and I called grizzly and there was no record of anyone talking to me and was told if I wanted the part I would have to pay for it,,,which the part was only 6.19,,,now its not the price of the part this review got wrote,,,its because grizzly does not care about their customers or what the tecs tell the customers,,,grizzly has no integrity whatsoever,,,and needless to say I caught them in a lie,,i cant speak for anyone else,,,but I do not like liers and I like for someone to do what they say,,,let me put this another way,,,,,for 6.12 cents they would not back up what their tecs said,,,i cant speak for anyone else,,but I would buy elsewhere,,,and the saw is the go833p

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